Grand Oak’s own Chef Jan won the Chef’s One Pot Challenge with host Celebrity Chef Susur Lee at Twenty Valley’s. more Visit us on at

Now is the time to eat fresh and local !! Fresh strawberries from Tigchelaar Farms – Jordan Fresh snow peas and radishes from Sasha Ohme – Vineland Fresh kale and dill from Julie Johnson – Vineland Fresh vine cherry tomatoes and mini cucs – Van Zanten -Vineland Fresh mixed greens and romaine lettuce from Victory […]

28 Apr

Living, as we do, in Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe, and particularly in the Niagara Peninsula, we have much to enjoy and celebrate!  As one of the most versatile, and temperate climates of Canada, fresh fruit and vegetables abound.  It’s not uncommon to see producers, farmers and growers delivering various wares to the Market on any given […]