September 15-19, 2020

Weekday Meals: Serves 3-4 – $34.95 (served with salad and bread)

Tuesday: Salmon Skewers on Long Grain Rice, with Sesame and Ginger Stirfried Vegetables

Wednesday: Mild Pork Curry with Potatoes and Early Leeks, and Toasted Aromatic Dukkah

Thursday: Gently Stewed Beef in Rich Jus, with Root Vegetables and Sundried Tomatoes on New Potatoes


Date-Night: 1 Per Person – $36: Friday, September 18th, Saturday, September 19th
Heritage Greens with Eggs, Roasted Tomato Herbed Chevre and Soured Cream Dressing
Roasted Tomato and Sirloin Meatball Chowder with Hearty Herbs and Rice
Smoked Pork Tenderloin on Paprika Scented Sweet Potatoes, Broccolini and Bell Peppers
Vineland Peach and Vanilla Cobbler with Honey and Chantilly