Before most of us are awake in the morning, the bakery at GOCulinary is in full production!  Breads, scones and specialty breads, as well as pastries, sweet loaves and pies are being made, from scratch, and baked to perfection!  By the time our doors open, the cookies and cakes, squares and other sweets are being finished, for you to enjoy with your morning coffee!

The Pastry Chef is constantly looking for new and interesting items to make and display, and of course, the seasons offer different treasures to work into our baked goods!  The bread rack is constantly showing different items, particularly for special occasions such as Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as various festivals!

Special requests are invited, as we make our baked goods in-house, and can modify to suit Dairy Free, Sugar Free and others!   Call with your request, 289-567-0487

Grand Oak Cheese Counter

Grand Oak Culinary Market boasts a state-of-the-art cheese counter from around the world!  Come and visit us for free samples and select the perfect addition to your next dinner.  Cheese trays are made to order in a variety of sizes and styles.

Gluten Free

The Gluten Free department has been a staple in the area before we became the Grand Oak!  Our own Gluten Free Guru, Elizabeth Bright, works tirelessly to give our Gluten Free customers their treats!  And what treats they are! Fresh-baked daily, many GF items are unique to our store, and most are suitable for GF, or Celiac diets.

Because here, too, the recipes are custom-made and all are made in-house, virtually all dietary requests are accommodated.  The Gluten Free team works out of a separate kitchen, to prevent cross contamination, and you can purchase and enjoy in complete confidence!  Let us know if we can provide you with a particular treat for that special occasion or situation, and we’d be happy to help!  289-567-0487


Living, as we do, in Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe, and particularly in the Niagara Peninsula, we have much to enjoy and celebrate!  As one of the most versatile, and temperate climates of Canada, fresh fruit and vegetables abound.  It’s not uncommon to see producers, farmers and growers delivering various wares to the Market on any given day!

We are blessed with many wonderful relationships, from growers as well as staff who source the freshest produce at the Toronto Market (at 3 AM!) to give our customers above average quality!  And, with our in-house Vegetable Expert, variety, selection and various ways of preparation are made available to you!

As the seasons progress, see how the produce counters change along!  Let us know what you’re looking for- chances are, we can get it here for you!  Call 289-567-0487


A term reminiscent of a bygone era, the pantry was where the year’s harvest was put up for winter sustenance.  Although GOCulinary does not, at present, grow it’s own produce, we host many items from the local harvest… in our pantry department you can expect  jams and jellies, preserves and chutneys, various pickles and dried items, as well as oils, vinegars and juices.  Chips, salsa, dips and dressings, mixes of various kinds, and all this from local suppliers in Vineland, Niagara, and throughout Ontario!

We look forward to seeing you as you browse through the Pantry, and see how the harvest has been!



Try these words; Generous Sandwiches.  Wholesome Soups.  Delicious Salads.  Amazing Specialties.  They sum up fairly accurately what we are offering you!  All made in-house and fresh, our portions are nice and the prices fair.  Try us for lunch – you won’t be disappointed!

Kitchen Accessories

As a Culinary Market, we have access to some great tools in our kitchens!  We like to make these available to you, if we are convinced of their quality and ease of use in the kitchen.

No mass-produced ‘gadgets’ here, only quality equipment, suitable for prolonged use in the kitchen. Should you require something particular, let the Chef help you to source it, or have it brought in for you!

Gifts & Florals

With numerous entrepreneurs, artists and artisans in the region, we would be amiss if we did not include them in our repertoire of  partners.

From decorative tiles and hand-woven fabrics, to paintings and lighting items, special purchase artwork and products are always available, as well as great plant and floral selections, all from local businesses.