Three of us had sou and sandwich combos and we all raved about them. There is a good selection of breads/meats/garnishes to choose from to make up your own sandwich and don’t pass on the soup. They were delicious. There is also a good sized gourmet shopping area with a natural food slant. The desserts might not be as natural but they looked wonderful. There is also a very good cheese counter. We will definitely return.


Upon my first visit to Grand Oak, I was so impressed by the selection of local products and produce!  They had Niagara honey, maple syrup and preserves, in addition to their in-house, fresh bakery goods.  As someone who has taken wheat out of his diet, I was very pleased to see the gluten-free selections!

Brad Wells

Thank you so much for the wonderful supper!  Brian particularly enjoyed the carrot salad.  The meat with the smoky sauce was fabulous – really tender.  This was our first time trying golden beets – they were good.  The snow peas were perfectly cooked – perfect texture.   The golden frites were really tasty and we loved the shape!

Okay, we are definitely coming back for your danish as well – best tasting pastry and filling ever! Liked the generous portions!

Brian and Wendy